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Service business management software

Scheduling, booking, billing, video meetings, client management — ExpertBox streamlines it all.

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Video call

One tool, endless possibilities

Simplify your daily business operations and deliver a better client experience with ExpertBox

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Automate your bookings

Set your schedule, add services with details and prices, and let clients book and pay in a click.

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Meet online or on-site

Always stay in touch with your clients via video or messenger or offer to book an appointment on-site.

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Build strong client relationships

Manage your CRM and set up communication workflows to create clients for life.

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Scale your business

Organize your team, grant access rights, and assign tasks for better teamwork.

Boost your business management with integrations

Continue running your business efficiently by adding your favorite tools

Boost your business

Tailored for any specialist

Share your expertise online and make money

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See how easily ExpertBox can integrate into your workflow and automate routine tasks

What experts say about ExpertBox

What experts say about ExpertBox

The feature I like most is video calls. With ExpertBox, I can connect with my patients wherever they are. I have plenty of time on my hands now, so definitely recommend this tool.

- Victoria McCloud, Trichologist

What experts say about ExpertBox

We’re totally thrilled with ExpertBox! No-shows aren’t a problem for us anymore with the scheduling automation and auto reminders helping patients better prepare for the meetings.

- Safiya Mccarty, Therapist at Health Bloom

What experts say about ExpertBox

I’ve been using ExpertBox to streamline my work. As a result, the administrative tasks are done faster, and I can focus on teletherapy sessions and skip organizational matters.

- Jerry Schafer, Psychologist, Self-employed

What experts say about ExpertBox

Never again I have to cope with scheduling issues or have my clients in my office. With video conferencing, document sharing, and auto-booking, ExpertBox is 10 out of 10 for me.

- Mia Hallway, Professional trainer & coach, Self-employed

What experts say about ExpertBox

With business coaching software by ExpertBox, I can fully devote myself to clients. I hold coaching sessions via video, get paid for my services on time, and plan my workload.

- Sylvia Campbell, COO of Lightspeed Financial Advisory LLC

What experts say about ExpertBox

Our team switched to online consulting with ExpertBox. It’s an ultimate tool to handle video calls, providing scheduling, billing, and many other extra options, and it’s perfect.

- Alex Young, COO of Goliath Financial Advisory Inc

Streamline your business processes with ExpertBox practice management software

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Entrust your administrative tasks to ExpertBox and focus on your clients

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