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ExpertBox is all-in-one online meeting software that allows you to share your expertise in a streamlined and secure manner. With a seamless booking process, advanced scheduling, secure billing, and stable, high-quality video meetings, ExpertBox keeps everything under your control!

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How ExpertBox works?

See how ExpertBox streamlines the process of sharing your expertise online.

Step 1. Convert more clients from your website

Let your website visitors book an online meeting anytime with the integrated booking panel and watch how your client base grows.

  • Catch clients at the peak of their interest.
  • Show when you're available with a customized booking process.
  • Deliver a comprehensive client experience with a seamless and well-structured consulting process.
Step 1. Convert more clients from your website
Step 2. Schedule your meetings

Step 2. Schedule your meetings

Make efficient use of your time with advanced scheduling options and a calendar that automatically detects each client’s time zone and shows your availability accordingly.

  • Keep your schedule under control by setting available time slots.
  • Forget about no-shows with automated reminders for upcoming meetings.
  • Hold online meetings when it suits you and your client.

Step 3. Get paid easier than ever

Get paid instantly via Stripe. ExpertBox simplifies the billing workflow with automated invoicing and credit card payments. All financial documents are added to the payments page, including invoices and credit notes.

  • Reduce your workload and streamline the payment process by automatically generating and sending invoices.
  • Get paid on time by sending both pre-consultation billing and additional invoices.
  • Get instant payments via Stripe.
Step 3. Get paid easier than ever

Step 4. Hold virtual one-on-one meetings with clients in your digital office

Deliver online consultations worldwide with secure and high-quality video calls and screen sharing. Discuss urgent issues with your clients via instant chat messaging and review your complete message history.

  • Deliver a seamless experience with video stitching after a pause or internet outage.
  • Respond quickly to clients’ issues in ongoing live chats where you can upload any document or file.
  • Provide valuable online support through screen sharing and perfect session recordings.

Step 5. Start a long-term relationship in one click

ExpertBox focuses on holding regular meetings and building long-lasting relationships. Enjoy a stable meeting process at every step of your communication with clients.

  • Maintain regular communication with your clients by offering a button to rebook appointments right in the chat.
  • Share your expertise instantly via chat after a video call.
  • Get a holistic view of each client on one page with a history of all bookings, video recordings, and other information.
Step 5. Start a long-term relationship in one click

The best online meeting software for your needs

For experts

No more stacks of paper and overload. Seamlessly deliver consultations and free up your time for taking care of your clients. Spend your time sharing your expertise, not performing time-consuming administrative tasks.

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Jordan Baxter
Jordan Baxter Physician
“Thanks to ExpertBox and its advanced scheduling, we could optimize our practice despite a growing number of patients! Using ExpertBox, we reach people who need our help and deliver an even better telehealth experience.”

For agencies

Properly organize your management process and reduce operational costs with team management features. With ExpertBox, you get meaningful insights on the value each expert brings to your agency so you know what should be improved to be even better!

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Rachael Merritt
Rachael Merritt Co-founder of a law firm
“This comprehensive software is good for managing routine tasks. But most of all, we’re happy that our operational costs have been considerably reduced. ExpertBox has truly transformed our firm.”

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