Boost your agency by streamlining your consulting process with all-in-one consulting software

ExpertBox is all-in-one online consulting software that allows your consulting agency to deliver a great client experience while considerably reducing operational costs. Advanced scheduling, secure billing, high-quality video meetings, and instant chat messaging will help you become an agency that effectively manages consultations and meets clients’ increasing demands.

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How ExpertBox benefits your consulting agency

Automate your consulting workflow with modern and easy-to-use consulting software to make grounded management decisions.

Convert more clients with a booking panel

With ExpertBox, it’s easy to convert your website visitors into clients. Just integrate the booking panel into your website and offer visitors the option of booking your service at any time in one click.

Convert more clients with a booking panel
Reduce your operational costs

Reduce your operational costs

Drive efficiency and save on operational costs with a customized booking process, advanced scheduling options, and an automated payments flow. ExpertBox is like a personal digital assistant for team members that keeps everything under control.

Achieve a high level of client satisfaction with stable and high-quality video meetings

Become a consulting agency that delivers great consultations via secure video calls, screen sharing, and perfect video recordings. Provide more valuable online recommendations through instant chat messaging and document sharing.

Improve the quality of your consultations

Improve the quality of your consultations

With ExpertBox, you can track the quality of any consultation through a detailed history of video calls, chats, and shared documents to get a deeper understanding of the situation, resulting in better customer consulting.

Track your staff efficiency

ExpertBox provides deep insights into each team member’s productivity and delivery. Now you have a clear picture of what income each team member brings to the agency and can stay on top of how things are progressing!

Track your staff efficiency

It’s time to properly organize your consulting process once and for all!

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