A Free Appointment Cancellation Policy Template

Having an appointment cancellation policy in place is essential for any business that routinely schedules appointments with customers. A cancellation policy sets expectations in advance and also helps you manage customer expectations. This template is simple and can be customized to fit the needs of your clients. It will help keep your business running smoothly. Plus, it's free.

A Free Appointment Cancellation Policy Template

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In this appointment cancellation policy, you will find:

  • A timeframe to cancel a service with or without penalty
  • A notice on how cancellations should be communicated to you (text message, email, etc.)
  • A late cancellation penalty, charged, when clients cancel appointments outside of the cancellation period, or in case of no-show
  • Your accurate contact information for cancellations
  • A place for a signature
Get a free appointment cancellation policy template now.

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