Consultant appointment scheduling software to control your consulting process like never before

ExpertBox is all-in-one online client meeting software that allows you to focus on providing professional online consultations. Get the most out of your consultations with advanced scheduling tools, secure billing, high-quality video meetings, and instant chat messaging.

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What you get with ExpertBox

See how ExpertBox streamlines every step of your communication with clients.

Ever-growing client base

Easily convert your website visitors into new clients with the smart booking feature. Just integrate the ExpertBox booking panel into your website and catch your clients at the peak of their interest.

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More time on client consultations, less on paperwork

More time on client consultations, less on paperwork

Reduce operating time and streamline the process by automating the time-consuming administrative tasks with ExpertBox. Its customizable workflow takes care of scheduling, agenda clarification, and automated reminders. Plus, ExpertBox keeps all client history in one place.

Automated payments flow

Simplify your billing workflow with automated invoices and credit card payments. Provide refunds with automated credit notes and get paid instantly via the Stripe payment system.

Automated payments flow

Communicate with clients from anywhere in the world via one-on-one video meetings

Become an international expert and deliver a seamless experience through video stitching and screen sharing. Discuss urgent issues with your clients via instant chat messaging and know that your entire message history will be saved. Use perfect video recordings to provide valuable expertise and make sure your client can review every second of your call.

Build strong long-term relationships with your clients

Stay in touch with your clients at every stage of communication and allow them to continue the discussion with a button to rebook a consultation directly in the chat. Get access to detailed information on each client including their complete booking history and video recordings of consultations. Share your expertise on the go via the iOS or Android mobile app.

Build strong long-term relationships with your clients

Smoothly deliver your consulting services with ExpertBox!

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