Online booking

Enable 24/7 online booking on multiple channels and stop losing clients.

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Online booking

How it works

  • Set your work hours
  • Share your booking link via your website, social media, or email
  • Get new appointments 24/7

Benefit from a seamless booking flow

  • Attract more clients
    Gain new clients from your website, social media, and other platforms to multiply the number of new bookings.
  • Reduce no-shows
    Enable automatic notifications and set a refund policy to protect yourself from no-shows and unexpected cancelations.
  • 24/7 online booking
    Let your clients book their own appointments 24/7 for any open time slot.

Adopt online booking features to grow your client base

Customizable booking widget

Customize your widget and easily embed it on your website to provide one-touch access to booking functionality.

No website? Not a problem. Share your booking link via email or social media and get new appointments.

Booking management

Allow your clients to self-book one-on-one meetings and spend less time agreeing on appointment times by email or phone.

Search booked appointments through a user-friendly interface to easily access appointment details.

Time zones & calendar sync

Add booked appointments to Google Calendar or other calendars to see upcoming events in one place and avoid scheduling conflicts.

ExpertBox considers your and your clients’ time zones to eliminate booking mix-ups.

Appointment rebooking & rescheduling

Give regular clients the power to easily access their booking page and make new appointments to increase the number of repeat bookings.

Allow your clients to reschedule or cancel appointments without calls or emails. You’ll get a notification when this happens and the booked slot will become available again.

Appointment cancelation

You can request that a client reschedule and offer a new time slot. If the client declines, the time slot remains booked. But if needed, you always can cancel an appointment.

Payments & refunds

Get paid via Stripe and set a refund policy in case of unexpected cancelations.

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Why ExpertBox?

Solid support

Need a hand? From onboarding to troubleshooting, our support team will address your concerns in no time.

Easy to scale and customize

Whether you’re a solo expert or a team of professionals, achieve your business goals with advanced settings and an individualized design.

Proven security

The ExpertBox team works hard to ensure you and your customers can securely exchange information.

GDPR compliance
HIPAA compliance
SSL encryption

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