Client scheduling software

Schedule client appointments yourself based on your availability and simply ask clients to accept or decline them.

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Client scheduling software

How it works

Organize appointments the way you want

  • Set a unique schedule for each client
    Consider your client’s needs and plan your personal schedule in advance.
  • Improve client satisfaction
    Be proactive and suggest your client schedule an appointment yourself in case they don’t have time for it.
  • Set repeating appointments once
    Turn one-time clients into regulars by scheduling client appointments on a regular basis.

Get up to 27% increase in revenue after implementing online client scheduling

Use ExpertBox client scheduling to skyrocket your business!

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Schedule appointments on your clients’ behalf

Access all the necessary functionality for appointment scheduling, book meetings with potential clients and stay in the loop with notifications.

Set your personal schedule addressing clients’ needs

Set your personal schedule addressing clients’ needs

Book from the appointments calendar
Book from the client’s profile
Schedule appointments with potential clients
Schedule appointments offline

Stay up to date about new appointments

Keep your clients informed
Get notified upon appointment confirmation
Keep teammates aware of assigned appointments

Stay up to date about new appointments

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Why ExpertBox?

Learn why ExpertBox stands out from competitors

What experts say about ExpertBox

  • I sought scheduling software to better organize my working hours in the ever-changing environment, where clients ask to move a session to another date or time, or cancel meetings. ExpertBox turned out to be a perfect choice, helping me sort out how long sessions often take, set the scheduling rules that let me have necessary breaks, and plan ahead my working days. It's just amazing.

    Tiffany Ray

    Tiffany Ray

    Financial consultant

  • When I thought of scheduling software, I never understood why people don't use just Google Calendar; however, after trying ExpertBox, my opinion changed. It's so much better to have an automated scheduling tool that allows you not only to set up appointments but also does routine time management work for you, automatically checking for free time slots, and estimating how long the service might take on average. Moreover, with ExpertBox, you can set rescheduling rules allowing you to move the service to another time in advance.

    Joel Thomas

    Joel Thomas

    Life coach

One tool for many tasks

Explore more features to build strong client relationships. 

Never miss out on an appointment opportunity.
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