Service agreements and contract management software

A simple and paper-free way to sign legal documents and abide by industry-specific rules and regulations.

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Service agreements and contract management software

How it works

Collect informed consent easily

  • Eliminate paperwork
    Store all legal documents and consent forms safely and access them quickly via the ExpertBox CRM.
  • Make it user-friendly
    Let your clients review your service agreement before a meeting and make signing clear and understandable with a simple opt-in checkbox.
  • Save time
    Add your service agreement once and customize the text according to industry specifics.

Increase your revenue by 9% a year with sophisticated contract management software for small businesses!

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A simple way to create and sign documents

Create and share official documents to obtain consent before you begin providing services.

Develop your own set of documents

Develop your own set of documents

Create a service agreement
Assign agreements to specific services
Send agreements to clients as needed
Manage your agreement templates

Record and store all documents online

Store all service agreements in your CRM
Get notified when clients sign agreements

Record and store all documents online

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Why ExpertBox?

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What experts say about ExpertBox

  • ExpertBox healthcare contract management software provides a good deal of customization. I can create unique policies like terms of use and share them with patients to get their consent once they confirm a booking. This makes me sure patients know what rules are applied to my services. I also get automatically notified when patients sign a consent form.

    Leslie Terry

    Leslie Terry

    General practitioner

  • I love how easily I can develop and keep official documents in one digital space and send them to my clients online for review and confirmation. The ExpertBox service agreement program makes my practice much more efficient.

    Derek Riley

    Derek Riley

    Family coach

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