Manage your schedule and services your way

Have full control over your clinic’s schedule. Add your staff members, set their availability, add services, and set prices. Create buffer times for breaks and use rescheduling and cancellation functionality to keep your schedule up to date.

  • Modify your daily and weekly schedule with buffer times
  • Add specialists, services, and prices for services
  • Set your appointment availability
  • Set rescheduling rules
  • Sync with Google Calendar
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Manage your schedule
Service management

Create, categorize, and manage services and prices

Build trust and get more patients with a strong profile and detailed service descriptions, showcasing your team’s professional background, experience, qualifications, and expertise. Group clinic services into relevant categories to make appointment booking easier for your patients.

  • Create services and group them to let patients easily find them
  • Provide details of your services, set each service’s duration, and set prices
  • Assign services to specialists and add their bios
  • Promote your clinical brand and build credibility
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Service management

Get more bookings effortlessly

Delegate the booking process to your patients and allow them to book appointments directly from your website or social media account, or via a direct link to a booking page. Ensure your staff and patients get automated reminders about upcoming appointments.

  • Let patients self-book services in one click
  • Assign intake forms to services to get patient details up front
  • Choose whether patients will pay before or after their appointments
  • Get appointment notifications
  • Customize the style and layout of your booking widget
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Set up everything for easy booking
Billing & invoicing

Automate billing and invoicing

Manage your clinic’s payment rules, set a refund policy, create invoices, and get paid online within ExpertBox. Let your patients pay using Stripe or PayPal, or by providing bank account details.

  • Choose when to request payment
  • Offer different payment methods (Stripe, PayPal, cash, bank transfer, etc.)
  • Easily monitor payment statuses, access the history of all your financial documents, and view and download receipts
  • Send automated, customizable invoices to your patients
  • Issue refunds with automated credit notes
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Provide a better billing experience
Service agreements

Create legal agreements and assign them to services

Create official legal documents to comply with industry-specific requirements and automatically share them with patients. Make sure your patients agree to your policies before making an appointment.

  • Use the ExpertBox form builder to create legal documents
  • Let patients e-sign documents within ExpertBox
  • View the document history in a patient’s profile
  • Have access to all information a patient has submitted in one place
  • Get a signed legal agreement at the time of booking a service
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Service agreements
Intake forms

Customize intake forms

Customize intake forms and assign them to services to collect health information up front and prepare for productive appointments.

  • Use digital intake forms to get rid of paperwork and reduce administrative costs
  • Get all patient data via automated, customizable intake forms
  • Collect ideas to improve the efficiency of your healthcare services
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Build and send intake forms

Deliver care online via HD video

Deliver top-notch healthcare services from anywhere with HIPAA-compliant HD video calls, video recording, chat, and screen and file sharing. Be sure that only authorized participants can join a video meeting.

  • Enable one-touch video appointments with nothing to download or install
  • Hold one-on-one or group video meetings
  • Safely share your screen and communicate via chat for more personalized service
  • Store session recordings in the cloud
  • Get a seamlessly stitched video of your session in case interruptions occur
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Provide top-notch telemedicine services
Notifications & reminders

Stay in the loop with notifications and reminders

Let your patients and staff receive timely reminders about any events. Use notification settings to specify via which channel you want to be notified (by email or in the app).

  • Reduce patient no-shows
  • Automate reminders via ExpertBox
  • Stay informed of your team’s activity
  • Choose when and how you want to receive appointment reminders
  • Unsubscribe from notifications you’re not interested in
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Stay current with notifications and reminders
Secure messenger

Communicate with your patients and staff via messenger

Maintain effective communication with your patients and clinical staff. Communicate instantly via a secure messenger, send files, invite colleagues, and receive all the information you need, even on the go, for a more efficient practice.

  • Stay in touch with patients and your teams anytime they need you
  • Create chats and invite new participants
  • Send, preview, download, and delete files
  • View your chat history
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Documents & files

Create and share documents

Create notes and documents and exchange them with patients and clinical staff anytime you need. Store, use, and transmit information securely with SSL encryption according to GDPR and HIPAA rules.

  • Create or upload shareable materials
  • Securely share them with your team and patients
  • Exchange files via the in-built messenger or the patient portal
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Share files to stay on the same page
Patient management

Build strong patient relationships with a CRM

Let your staff provide support to patients whenever they need it. Manage patient relationships by setting tasks and workflows. Keep track of all patient data and communication in one place.

  • Import data from a third-party CRM database in CSV format
  • Create secure, data-rich patient profiles with custom fields
  • Create and assign tasks within the team
  • Access treatment histories
  • Access historical information about a patient’s booked appointments, uploaded files, and notes
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Empower your workflow with a CRM system
Patient portal

Offer your patients access to necessary functionality via a patient portal

Through a secure portal, authorized patients get instant access to all shared encrypted messages, files, and chat history; they can also join meetings, view upcoming appointments and appointment histories, and monitor payments at any time.

  • View the list of bookings and filter them by service or professional
  • Cancel or reschedule booked appointments
  • Schedule a new appointment from the meeting page
  • Send and view messages and files
  • Monitor all payments and download receipts for appointments
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Client portal
Feedback forms

Collect feedback

Ask your patients how to make their experience better. Know your clinic's strengths and areas for improvement. Send custom forms, assessments, and questionnaires to gather patient feedback and improve your services.

  • Collect ideas to improve the efficiency of your healthcare services
  • Let your patients rate your services after an appointment
  • Increase trust by publishing patient ratings and reviews
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Automate feedback collection
Team management

Create and manage your healthcare team

Create your team’s workspace, manage your medical staff’s roles, assign tasks, set availability and services, and review work results. Increase the quality of healthcare services by fully controlling your staff’s workload.

  • Coordinate the work of your clinic’s personnel
  • Set tasks to manage your business and your team’s workload effectively
  • Have complete control of what each team member is doing
  • Manage scheduled appointments
  • Access video recordings of your team’s appointments to give feedback
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Use team management tools to collaborate