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Make it easy to pay for your services online

  • Capture more revenue
    Enable clients to use Stripe, PayPal or a manual payment method, so that you won’t need to make it easier for your clients to pay.
  • Get paid 100% of the time
    Set prepay or postpay options and a refund policy to receive online payments even if appointments are unexpectedly canceled.
  • Generate invoices with ease
    Create a payment template once, and the invoices and receipts will be automatically generated.

Over 74% of consumers prefer online billing

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Bill clients online effotlessly

From setting up payment methods to billing automation and refund rules, handle all the billing processes with ExpertBox

Manage all your payments seamlessly

Manage all your payments seamlessly

Set prices
Set your refund policy
View the list of payments

Let your clients pay easily

Get paid instantly
Define how you want to get paid

Let your clients pay easily

Automate billing processes

Automate billing processes

Send payment requests
Implement recurring billing
Send invoices

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What experts say about ExpertBox

  • ExpertBox online billing helps me ensure that my services won't remain unpaid. All I have to do is define in the settings, that I want to charge clients before the services are provided. This way, I get only confirmed appointments in my calendar, and can concentrate on providing services to those clients who really need my assistance.

    Rhonda Drake

    Rhonda Drake

    Life Coach

  • I was amazed by how easy it is to set up a secure HIPAA-compliant online payment method in ExpertBox! I work in online teletherapy, so offline billing is not an option, and I often had difficult times checking if the billing platform is secure and offers a BAA agreement. With ExpertBox, I get a multifunctional HIPAA-compliant software and don't have to worry about security matters anymore.

    John Estrada

    John Estrada


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