Business messaging software

Simplify one-on-one messaging to give your clients quick support anytime and free yourself from tangled email threads.

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Business messaging software

How it works

  • Set your availability, add services, and set prices
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  • Share a booking link with your appointment schedule
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  • Provide appointments online and in person
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  • Build client relationships with better messaging
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with your clients

  • Discover more ways to stay connected
    Use ExpertBox messaging software on any device to let your clients reach you at any time.
  • Reduce correspondence clutter
    Use one tool to keep your contacts organized and don’t get lost in dozens of emails, texts, and other messages.
  • Communicate securely
    ExpertBox uses SSL to encrypt messages so you can be sure your private communications won’t be compromised.

2 out of 3 clients want to communicate with businesses via messaging software

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Messaging software for consistent communication

Provide an excellent customer experience by allowing fast, easy, and convenient online messaging anytime.

Support your clients when they need you

Support your clients when they need you

Communicate with clients on the go
Exchange files
Chat during online meetings

Manage your messaging

Create chats
Access messaging history

Manage your messaging

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Why ExpertBox?

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What experts say about ExpertBox

  • I would recommend ExpertBox messaging software for several reasons. First, it's definitely the quickest communication channel I've ever tried. Second, you can easily add as many chat members as you need, and third, you can speak with clients online and offline.

    Zakaria Dixon

    Zakaria Dixon

    Business coach

  • ExpertBox messaging software totally changed the way I communicate with clients. The app is so convenient! I can use it even on the go, and later check the message history to recall the key points of the conversation. What’s even more amazing, my clients can reach out to me whenever they have any questions and ask me directly, so I can resolve any of their concerns.

    Brooklyn Williamson

    Brooklyn Williamson

    Financial advisor

One tool for many tasks

Explore more features to build strong client relationships.

Let your clients reach out to you easily with the ExpertBox business messaging software

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