Build your schedule for maximum efficiency

Sync up with your patients and hold therapy sessions when it suits both you and them. Set your working hours, define the buffer time between appointments, and use rescheduling and cancellation functionality to keep free time slots up to date.

  • Manage your working hours
  • Add services, their duration, and prices
  • Allow patients to book your services on-site by adding your availability at a specific location
  • Define the buffer time between consultations
  • Set rescheduling and cancellation rules
  • Sync with Google Calendar
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Manage your schedule
Service management

Manage your services and prices

Showcasing your services with detailed descriptions and using categories to logically separate them will enable new patients to more easily find what they’re looking for. Describe your methods and techniques, and let patients learn about your expertise.

  • Create services with detailed descriptions and prices
  • Categorize your services to make them easier to find
  • Assign services to specific providers and add provider bios
  • Add prices and service durations
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Service management

Let your patients book sessions online

With self-booking and rescheduling, you won’t be distracted by back-and-forth communication. Allow your patients to pick the consultation format (online or on-site), time slot, and service. You won’t have to schedule anything manually or check if you have free time in your schedule.

  • Allow patients to access your services and book sessions in one click
  • Offer prepaid or postpaid options
  • Let patients reschedule appointments
  • Keep a searchable and filterable list of bookings at hand
  • Create and customize a widget to add to your website
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Set up everything for easy booking
Billing & invoicing

Automate billing and invoicing

Send payment requests and enable your patients to pay online using the ExpertBox platform, either with a credit card or by bank transfer. When payments are processed, you can automatically issue receipts using a template.

  • Integrate Stripe and PayPal to receive payments
  • View your patient’s payment history
  • Send payment requests to remind your patients when payment is due
  • Automatically generate invoices and receipts
  • Issue refunds with automated credit notes
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Provide a better billing experience
Service agreements

Manage service agreements and consent forms online

Simplify the way you work with service agreements by implementing the best paperless office practices. Create service agreements, notices of privacy practice, and informed consent forms, share them with patients, and get notified when they are signed — all within the secure ExpertBox platform.

  • Create service agreements to comply with all industry and region-specific requirements
  • Share agreements to inform your patients of how services are provided or to collect the HIPAA Compliance Consent Form
  • Let your patients e-sign documents within ExpertBox and get notified when they’ve signed
  • View a history of service agreements in the patient profile
  • Develop your own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy templates and assign them to services
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Service agreements
Intake forms

Collect patient intake data with secure forms

Build secure service-specific intake forms, assign them to services, and share them with patients when they book an appointment. Get patients’ answers before the therapy session to deliver a personalized experience.

  • Create custom intake forms to get all necessary information from your patients
  • Send intake forms automatically by attaching them to a specific service
  • Choose when to collect intake — only once or before every appointment
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Build and send intake forms

Meet via a top-notch telepsychology platform

With ExpertBox, you get a powerful and secure video conferencing tool that supports one-on-one and group video sessions. The platform is HIPAA-compliant, with chat and file sharing options and an HD video conferencing tool.

  • Hold high-quality one-on-one and group video calls
  • Increase productivity with screen sharing and chat
  • Securely access a recording of your meeting in the cloud
  • Safely chat with patients during your sessions
  • Video recordings are automatically stitched if there are any interruptions during the call
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Hold online video consultations
Notifications & reminders

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders and notifications

Get notified when anything important happens, from a new booking to rescheduling or a cancellation request. With ExpertBox, you and your team will stay in tune with each other and your patients thanks to an automated reminders and notifications system.

  • Get notified of scheduling, booking, and team activity events
  • Inform your patients of required actions by sending payment requests and notifications of upcoming consultations
  • Specify how you want to be notified: by email or in the notification panel
  • Adjust your preferences to receive only the most important notifications
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Notifications & reminders

Securely chat with patients and colleagues

Keep tabs on your patients’ progress and support patients within the secure messaging platform. Chat functionality will also help you stay in touch with your teammates. With ExpertBox, you can:

  • Support your patients through any difficulties and answer their questions
  • Create chats and invite or remove participants
  • Securely share files
  • View your chat history
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File sharing

Securely share files

Handouts, checklists, and guides help you ensure your patients keep using your recommendations after the session. Upload or create files and share them securely with patients and involved team members.

  • Create or upload shareable materials
  • Securely share materials with your team and patients
  • Exchange files via the in-built messenger or the patient portal
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Share files to stay on the same page

Organize your work with patients using a CRM

Streamline your patient management processes with workflows and an extended patient profile database. Create your custom database, assign tasks with due dates to specific patients, and keep all your data safe, updated, and private.

  • Import data from a third-party CRM database in CSV format
  • Keep your patient database updated whenever patients book appointments, or enter information manually
  • Use custom fields and add private notes to build rich patient profiles
  • Effectively organize your work with patients by creating time-sensitive tasks and assigning them to patient profiles
  • View the chat and actions history of every patient
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Empower your workflow with a CRM system
Patient portal

Let your patients access everything they need within the patient portal

If you want your patients to choose you over competitors and use your services regularly, make sure it’s easy for them to schedule a session with you, view upcoming meetings, and access files you’ve shared with them. ExpertBox allows your patients to access:

  • A personal patient meeting page
  • Files shared with them
  • Intake forms and service agreements
  • Chat and booking history
  • Payment history
  • Feedback forms
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Client portal
Feedback forms

Collect feedback after your sessions

Once the session is over, you can automatically send your patient a form for collecting feedback and letting them rate their experience. You can also adjust the delay so that your patients receive a form after a while. This will help you better understand if the patients are satisfied with your services.

  • Automate feedback collection with review forms
  • Schedule when to send the form
  • Let your patients rate your services after an appointment
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Automate feedback collection
Team management

Explore team management tools

If your practice is growing and you’re ready to scale, or if you want to team up with a colleague and work together, ExpertBox accommodates your needs with team management tools. Invite colleagues to join your team, assign team roles to participants, set tasks, and provide access to chosen patient notes and data.

  • Invite team members to join specific tasks
  • Assign responsible team members to patient profiles
  • Securely share files with your colleagues within the platform
  • Manage access to the team and to the patient database using roles
  • Review your team’s activity in video recordings
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Use team management tools to collaborate