Client management software

Set up workflows and implement best practices of client relationship management: build custom client profiles, monitor client activity and set up tasks.

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Client management software

How it works

Build strong
with your clients

  • Increase client satisfaction
    Collect feedback and keep it in one place thanks to software for client management.
  • Dedicate more time to your clients
    Hold more meetings by saving time on routine management tasks.
  • Speed up communication
    Provide fast support to your clients through meeting rooms.

47% of companies that use CRM systems report its positive impact on client retention.

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Manage your client relationships

Improve communication with clients, implement personalization, and establish long-term connections with a CRM system from ExpertBox.

Go paperless, easily access and manage client details

Go paperless, easily access and manage client details

Build custom client profiles
Stay tuned to your clients
Provide quick support to clients anytime

Provide the best client experience

Collect intake forms and consent before meetings
Send files to clients as needed
Access notes about clients to stay in the loop
Get feedback from your clients

Provide the best client experience

Empower your team workflow

Empower your team workflow

Create tasks to work in sync
Manage access to information
Add team-visible notes to client profiles

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Why ExpertBox?

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What experts say about ExpertBox

  • As a psychologist, I often look for ways to use an individual approach to every patient, so ExpertBox CRM is a lifesaver for me. ExpertBox team ensured their system is HIPAA-compliant, so whenever I need to access protected health data, I can safely do it, and I have no worries as it's securely stored.

    Felicia Hall

    Felicia Hall


  • When I looked for a CRM platform, I needed a place where I could collect and store all the necessary files, filled intake forms, and review communication history. ExpertBox is the tool that covered all of these tasks, becoming invaluable in building effective communication with clients.

    Christina Norton

    Christina Norton

    Financial Consultant

One tool for many tasks

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Keep all clients in one place
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