Digital environment for providing personalized and seamless customer service

Building strong customer relationships is crucial for any business but creating and maintaining personal connections remotely is rather challenging.

ExpertBox was designed to enhance clients' business processes and ensure personalized customer experiences.

Now any expert can consult, serve, and help their customers more efficiently without having to expend mental energy on mundane tasks.

Our values

We are for freedom in the realization for our company, customers, community, teammates, and ourselves. We value:

  • Customers

    We strive to help our customers attain their goals and exceed their expectations

  • Convenience

    We drive for innovation and development to provide you with a seamless experience

  • Results

    We are passionate about achieving results - both ours and our customers'.

Our team

We are very passionate, energetic, and unique people who strive to give the freedom to exchange valuable information between people around the world.

  • Yehor Ivanov
  • Olha Bobkova
  • Maksym Malyshev
  • Ekaterina Sukhova
  • Sveta Razheva
  • Oleksandr Melnyk
  • Anastasiia Shevtsova
  • Andrii Plakhotin
  • Illiya Ivanin
  • Valeria Nasikan
  • Oleksii Zaitsev
Remote customer interaction is the future that has already arrived. All we need is a reliable digital environment.
Vladimir Vorobyov, Founder and СEO of ExpertBox

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