Medical practice management software

HIPAA-compliant medical practice management software for managing all aspects of healthcare service delivery.

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Medical practice management software

Do it all with ExpertBox

We’ve made the virtual healthcare experience accessible, simple, and easy.
Manage all aspects of your medical practice, from appointment scheduling and billing to sending reminders and managing health records with ExpertBox.

  • Automate scheduling
    Add your services and set your availability.
  • Convert visitors
    Share a booking link, get booked, and get paid.
  • Meet online
    Make video calls, take notes, and share files.
  • Keep in touch
    Plan ahead, support patients, and meet again.

One tool to schedule, connect, care, collect, remind, support, satisfy, retain, and maintain compliance

See how our simple and secure telemedicine software can streamline your custom workflow at each phase of care delivery.

Set up an account and get up and running in an instant

Set up an account and get up and running in an instant

Simplify and automate scheduling
Convert your visitors into patients
Streamline billing and collections
Add and tailor intake forms

Allow patients to book on your calendar

Let your patients self-book
Prepare beforehand
Don’t miss out
Reduce no-shows

Allow patients to book on your calendar

Provide top-notch appointments online

Provide top-notch appointments online

See your patients online
Engage with patients
Keep patient records

Support your patients when they need you

  • Check how patients are doing, send relevant care instructions, and get updates on treatment between appointments to create a smooth, personalized experience.
  • Manage and keep all patients’ personal information, invoices, and files in one HIPAA-compliant place.

Develop strong long-term patient relationships

  • Leave comprehensive notes about a patient’s current progress and reminders about what to do next.
  • Meet regularly to achieve your patients’ goals.

Run your private medical practice effortlessly with flexible medical practice management software.

Why physicians love ExpertBox

What physicians say about ExpertBox

  • I’ve been running a private medical practice for three years and it was a real challenge for me to find time to stay in control of everything — bookings, reminders, billing, paper documentation. With ExpertBox, my patients book and manage their appointments online without playing phone tag. They also receive email and text appointment reminders. I have fewer no-shows, less admin, and can devote more time to my patients.

    Paul Keith

    Paul Keith

    Physician, Self-employed

  • ExpertBox is fairly easy to learn and navigate. All the features automate the process of service delivery, and I have plenty of time on my hands now. The feature I like most is video calls. I can connect with my patients wherever they are.

    Michele Shelley

    Michele Shelley

    Occupational therapist, Self-employed

  • I’ve used about five different tools to manage my practice. When I found that ExpertBox had it all, I switched to it. I haven’t had any cancellations since I started using ExpertBox. The online booking feature is paying off — I started earning more since it’s intuitive and simple to book a session with me! Goodbye, double bookings and lost opportunities!

    Victoria McCloud

    Victoria McCloud


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