ExpertBox protects your data and eliminates concerns about the safety and security of your meetings.

Your data security is our top priority

Secure communication and data transmission

We use industry-standard technologies to provide you with seamless and secure communication on ExpertBox.

Data encryption

We use the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data. AES uses symmetric key encryption, which involves the use of only one secret key to cipher and decipher information, providing robust security against hacking.

Video call security

All audio and video live streams between you and your clients are delivered via a secure server by means of WebRTC. Media streams sent over WebRTC are securely encrypted and use the standardized and well-known DTLS protocol. Only authorized users can join a video call.

More security features

  • ExpertBox does not store your data inside its system. We put your data at rest within a highly secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center. AWS infrastructure is designed especially for the cloud and is monitored 24/7 to ensure data availability, confidentiality, and integrity.

  • ExpertBox backs up your data for the past 7 days every day and stores it on a secure server using encrypted data transfers to prevent potential data loss or corruption.

  • ExpertBox helps you control data access by applying role-based authorization so each employee within your organization gets access only to the data they need to do their job.

  • ExpertBox doesn't store credit card information. We cooperate with PCI DSS-compliant payment platforms such as Stripe to ensure payments are always 100% secure and payment credentials remain confidential.

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