Coaching software

A tool to fully automate your coaching workflow so you can focus on what you do best.

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Coaching software

Do it all with ExpertBox

We’ve made coaching management simple and easy.
Schedule sessions, meet with clients, and get paid in the same place.

  • Automate scheduling
    Add your services and set your availability.
  • Convert visitors
    Share a booking link, get booked, and get paid.
  • Meet online
    Make video calls, take notes, and share files.
  • Keep in touch
    Plan ahead, support clients, and meet again.

One solution to manage every stage of your coaching workflow

See how ExpertBox automates your coaching workflow so you can focus on what really matters.

Set up ExpertBox once and reach clients easily

Set up ExpertBox once and reach clients easily

Simplify and automate scheduling
Convert visitors into clients
Streamline billing
Tailor intake forms

Get rid of busywork and focus on helping clients

Let your clients self-book
Prepare beforehand
Get appointment notifications
Reduce no-shows

Get rid of busywork
and focus on helping clients

Deliver top-notch coaching services

Meet online in a video call or chat. Share your screen and files, and record video sessions to easily double-check what advice you gave last time and prepare for the next session.

Support your clients
between sessions

  • Make notes and prepare an action plan for each client to track progress and achieve the desired result.
  • Maintain communication with your clients between and after sessions to ensure a smooth, personalized experience.

Build long-lasting client relationships

Meet as often as you need to enable your clients to achieve their goals.

Run a profitable coaching business seamlessly with reliable software.

Why coaches love ExpertBox

What coaches say about ExpertBox

  • With ExpertBox, I started devoting more time to my clients. I can easily hold my coaching sessions via video, get payment for my services on time, and plan my workload. Besides, file sharing in chat is awesome.

    Mia Hallway

    Mia Hallway

    Professional trainer & coach, Self-employed

  • This is just outstanding software. Definitely recommend it to anyone offering services online. I’m a professional CELTA coach and I LOVE the way I organized my work. ExpertBox has everything I need — online booking, screen sharing, video calls recording, online payment, notes taking, files sharing! Now all my work is located in one workspace and I don’t even need to download anything. I just have ExpertBox running in my browser from any device! Easy to register, easy to use, easy to get all your work together.

    Andy Raymonds

    Andy Raymonds

    CELTA coach, Self-employed

  • My peers recommended ExpertBox and I decided to give it a try. This is the software I’ve been looking for. Now I can manage my coaching business in one place. ExpertBox comprises all the needed tools for my coaching sessions. It’s the top choice for not tech-savvy clients — they need only to click a link and — voilà — they can self-book a coaching session, pay for it, and join a video call. Intake forms are killing it — I know all the details beforehand and can prepare for sessions more effectively.

    Hughie Moreno

    Hughie Moreno

    Life coach, Self-employed

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