ExpertBox Brand Assets

We appreciate your interest in ExpertBox. Here are some simple guidelines for using our brand resources. Please follow them when you mention the ExpertBox brand.

Our name

Our brand name is case sensitive. Please spell “ExpertBox” with a capital “E” and a capital “B.

Our logo

Our primary logo is an icon of two overlapping chat boxes along with the ExpertBox brand name, placed horizontally. Please use this logo in all cases except when creating an avatar for a social media profile.

ExpertBox logo

Here’s an option for vertical placement of the logo.

ExpertBox logo

Avatars look lovely with just the icon.

ExpertBox logo

When using the ExpertBox logo, please use only the provided color palette.

Our hero colors are:

  • Light blue
  • Light Green
  • Dark Blue 2

For our logo’s background, we use White.

When placing the ExpertBox logo on a light background, use the following variant.

The font color is Dark blue 2.

ExpertBox logo

If you want to place the ExpertBox logo on a dark background, here’s a version with white font.

Allow the ExpertBox logo to breathe. Leave open space to each side.

ExpertBox logo
ExpertBox logo

The minimal size allowed for the logo is approximately between 80x19 px to 110x24 px to ensure that all elements are placed correctly and the logo isn’t distorted. Only the horizontal logo can be used for small sizes. Do not use the vertical logo for small use.

ExpertBox logo


  • ExpertBox logo Do not change the letter spacing.
  • ExpertBox logo Only use Lato SemiBold.
  • ExpertBox logo Avoid modifications that distort the logo (skewing, rotating, stretching, etc.).
  • ExpertBox logo The logo icons must be paired; never use them separately.
  • ExpertBox logo Leave brand colors as they are defined in the color palette above.
  • ExpertBox logo Use only the background options provided above.
  • ExpertBox logo Do not adjust the opacity.
  • ExpertBox logo Do not use gradients for the text.

Our brand colors

Get familiar with the extended color palette we use for ExpertBox.

Avoid using any colors beyond this palette.

  • Light blue
  • Dark blue 1
  • Dark blue 2
  • Light Green
  • White
  • Black

Download our assets

Download ExpertBox brand assets including colors and logo variations as one archive so you can use those correctly for your media materials.


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