Online booking widget

A booking widget lets your clients easily access your schedule and book an available time slot online.

No credit card or commitment required.
Online booking widget

How it works

  • Set up your widget
  • Share your widget on multiple channels
  • Get new appointments

Get more bookings
with less effort

  • More bookings
    Use the power of your scheduling widget to attract more clients from your website, social media, and other channels.
  • No hard coding
    Simple setup without hard coding lets you add the booking widget for website to any page and get new appointments right away.
  • Highly customizable
    Set your personal style, add service details, and include multiple experts to let your clients book any member of your team.

Explore all features for your ideal booking process

Let your clients book meetings easily

Get bookings with a widget
Provide other booking options
Receive guaranteed payments up front
Manage your availability
Customize your booking widget
Provide service details

Ensure a streamlined booking flow

Get a seamless booking flow with the ExpertBox widget

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Let your clients book appointments from any device

The ExpertBox widget adapts to mobile and tablets so your clients can book in a few clicks.

Why ExpertBox?

Solid support

Need a hand? From onboarding to troubleshooting, our support team will address your concerns in no time.

Easy to scale and customize

Whether you’re a solo expert or a small business client management software will help you achieve your business goals with advanced settings and an individualized design.

Proven security

The ExpertBox team works hard to ensure you and your customers can securely exchange information.

GDPR compliance
HIPAA compliance
SSL encryption

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