ExpertBox is your appointment scheduling software that streamlines patient care delivery

ExpertBox is all-in-one medical appointment scheduling software that allows you to grow your medical practice in an efficient, optimized and secure manner. With advanced scheduling, high-quality video meetings, and secure billing, ExpertBox provides everything you need to manage appointments with your patients.

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How ExpertBox contributes to your medical practice

See how our medical appointment scheduling software can support your custom workflow at each phase of care delivery.

Offer a comprehensive booking experience

Thanks to the customized booking process in ExpertBox, you can allow your patients to book a range of services in seconds and show them each doctor’s availability in real time. You can also review your open appointment slots and cancellations to efficiently use every working hour.

Streamline your scheduling to fully concentrate on excellent medical care

Reduce your costs for medical scheduling and lower the risk of human error with advanced online medical appointment scheduling, automated patient reminders, and an appointments panel for your practice. ExpertBox optimizes your workflow with automated charting and scheduling and empowers you to provide high-quality medical care.

Access a detailed history of patient consultations in one place

Get a bird’s-eye view of all your consultations via an exhaustive history for each patient: recorded video calls, chats, receipts, and payments. See meaningful insights at a glance!

Improve patient
communication and
engagement at a high level

Achieve a high level of patient satisfaction with high-resolution video calls. Provide valuable online consultations with seamless video recordings even in the event of internet connection breaks. Discuss patients’ health information in instant and secure chat messaging where all message history is saved.

Automate your payment flow

Simplify your billing workflow via automated receipts and credit card payments. Provide refunds with automated credit notes and get paid instantly via the Stripe payment system.

Ready to streamline your healthcare delivery and improve patient satisfaction?

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