ExpertBox vs MeetFox:
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ExpertBox is the best MeetFox alternative if you want to stop limiting yourself to classic video conferences. Upgrade your communication process with smart scheduling, easy team management, secure and reliable billing, and mobile access!

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ExpertBox vs MeetFox

Automate your routine tasks and enjoy a stable consultation delivery process.

Data as of May 2020

Feature MeetFox ExpertBox


Booking Panel
Website Integration
Availability Indicator
Automatic time zone conversion
Manage payments and buffer time


Availability Management
Appointment duration management
Automatic Notifications
Synchronized scheduling with all time zones
Automated reminders of upcoming meetings
Rescheduling & Cancelling with email notifications for all invitees
Advanced service descriptions

User Interactions

Personal booking page for each client
Appointment history for each client
File sharing via cross-meeting chat

Multiple User Accounts

Email Invitations
Multiple workspaces/calendars
Team calendar Management
Notifications on Team activity
Rich team profiles

Video calling

High-quality video
Integrated chat
Personal meeting rooms
Group calls Up to 16 users
Meeting recordings
Video stitching after a pause or internet outage

Billing & invoicing

Automated billing & invoicing
Electronic payments via Stripe
Credit card Processing
Refunds with an automated credit note

Mobile Options

iOS & Android apps
Host or attend meetings on the go

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Why ExpertBox is the best MeetFox

Reason #1 — More advanced scheduling to stay focused and organized

ExpertBox is like your personal assistant that runs your business while you focus on things that really matter. Organize your process with a solid scheduling feature and automated reminders of upcoming meetings. Our powerful calendar saves you from no-shows and synchronizes with a user’s current time zone.

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Reason #2 — Personal client pages have up-to-date information on each consultation

Help your clients make intelligent decisions by tracking the delivery process through an extensive history of all bookings, video recordings, messaging, and document sharing. Get a holistic view of each client on one page and find out what you should change to provide even better customer consulting.

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Reason #3 — Intuitive team management and progress tracking

Reach your team’s profile in seconds and get a detailed summary of each team member’s efficiency and delivery. Get a clear review of the team’s outcomes and be kept in the loop with how your business is going!

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Reason #4 — Robust video records regardless of internet connection breaks

ExpertBox provides you and your clients with a seamless experience by stitching videos after a pause or internet outage. No more poor communication or extra work uploading individual files due to an irregular internet connection. Get a smooth consulting experience and satisfied clients!

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Reason #5 — An easy-to-use mobile app to have your business at hand

Dreaming about instantly sharing expertise wherever you are? Install the ExpertBox mobile app for iOS or Android and always be in touch! Now it’s easy to host or attend meetings on the go. And don’t worry about synchronizing — ExpertBox uses mobile cloud recording.

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