5 Converting Clinic Website Features with Best Clinic Website Design Examples

Any business that wants to achieve success should have a strong web presence, and healthcare facilities are no exception. In today’s digitized world, understanding which clinic website features are necessary to drive patients helps increase traffic and engagement and get more conversions. But what makes for a good clinic website? Let’s find answers to these questions.

What functions does your website perform?

Your website should be a virtual duplicate of your offline facility and provide all necessary information about what you offer and how, how much it costs, where you are located, etc. Your website is a powerful tool for communicating with prospective patients and converting them into actual patients. 

A clinic website has three functions:

  • Inform about your services and their prices, ways to access these services, and your staff members who provide these services
  • Stimulate the desire to consider your clinic over other clinics by offering testimonials, ratings, patients’ stories, special offers, etc.
  • Convert prospective patients into actual patients by providing online booking options or at least contact details to schedule an appointment with one of your specialists

What makes for an effective clinic website?

Interactions between your clinic website and your prospective patients can be split into three stages:

  1. See. A prospective patient finds your website and navigates it to understand what you offer.
  2. Like. The prospective patient likes your website’s design and usability.
  3. Purchase. The prospective patient considers your content convincing enough to become your actual patient.
3 stages of interactions between a clinic website and prospects

The quality of your clinic’s website plays a critical part in all of these stages. The better each aspect of your website is established, the more likely your visitors are to turn into real patients. Let us share a list of essential features and elements of a good clinic website.

Five essential clinic website features

#1 Strong branding

Powerful branding is a must for your clinic website, as it helps you reinforce patient–provider relationships, foster patient trust, and win patient loyalty throughout the patient journey.

Your website should be a digital reflection of your brand and should positively represent your clinic. That means sticking to and being consistent with your core color scheme, using a high-resolution logo, and communicating your core message and value proposition. 

Remember that your branding should be consistent across all communication channels you use. This will enable your prospective patients to recognize you whenever and wherever they see you.

The most significant benefits of strong healthcare branding are:

  • Sharpening your competitive edge
  • Enhancing patient trust
  • Generating higher returns
  • Cultivating patient loyalty
  • Increasing patient referrals

Learn more about the importance of having a strong brand for your clinic from our 4-step guide to building your clinic’s brand.

#2 Clear value proposition

First impressions are vital for your website. Internet users are impatient. They want to quickly scan your website and formulate their opinion. In fact, you have only 50 milliseconds to impress your prospects and convince them to stay on your website.

Your value proposition should be stated on your website’s home page. Your home page is the first place to greet your visitors and answer their key questions — what type of clinic you are, what services you provide, and why you are the right choice for them. Answer those questions quickly and accurately, provide clear and concise information, and remember that simplicity is king.

An uncluttered, easy-to-understand value proposition that intrigues visitors to learn more can work wonders and attract lots of patients to your clinic.

While creating your value proposition, follow these tips:

  • Keep it unique
  • Focus on your patients, not you
  • Be specific and avoid generic and ineffective phrases like “best clinic” and “excellent service”
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Make it catchy

Below, you can find some examples of well-written value propositions:

jefferson dental clinic

#3 Clean responsive design

The design of your clinic website should appeal to your target audience and present your healthcare facility professionally. Besides that, it should be in line with your branding. This will enable visitors to immediately understand your values.

To see how important your website’s design is, take at look at the following statistics:

website design stats

Visual content is also crucial, as it helps make your message clear. Viewers can retain 95% of content in video format compared to 10% of content in text format. That doesn’t mean you should overload pages with images and videos, but high-quality, relevant content will make a huge impact on your prospective patients.

Taking into account that mobile devices generate 56.94% of internet traffic worldwide, it’s also critical that your website has a responsive design. That means your website should be easily accessed from any device without affecting its quality. The ultimate goal of a responsive design is to avoid scrolling, resizing, panning, and zooming when visiting a website from a smartphone or tablet. 

It’s very difficult to navigate sites that aren’t optimized for mobile. Not optimizing for mobile may even cost you prospective patients who get frustrated with trying to figure out how to find information on your website.

#4 Clear navigation

Your website’s navigation is much more important than you may think. An intuitive and easy-to-navigate site may be an important reason for people to stay on your website and come back again, while websites requiring excessive clicks to reach desired content will only frustrate visitors. Get your prospects where they need to be fast and easily.

Easy-to-follow navigation for your clinic website is significant for the overall patient experience because it:

  • Increases visit durations. This means people will stay longer on your website to find what they’re looking for.
  • Boosts purchases. Good website navigation allows visitors to effortlessly explore and choose your services.
  • Reinforces SEO efforts. Easy-to-follow navigation enables search engine crawlers (robots) to index your website efficiently so people can find the most relevant information on their health issues.

How can you improve your website’s navigation? For site navigation to be effective, ensure it is:

  • Logical. People should be able to easily find necessary content with understandable headings and subheadings.
  • Structured. Group corresponding pages into categories based on how a patient will search for information.
  • Intuitive. Keep navigation simple so it doesn’t differ from what users are used to.
  • Sticks to the three-click rule. People should be able to find any information on your website within three clicks. 

#5 Relevant content

Your website is your chance to nurture long-term relationships with your patients. Well-written, up-to-date, and relevant content is the mediator of those relationships. Offer content to prove your expertise and help people resolve their issues. Remember that your content should directly reflect and speak to your prospects’ specific needs. It is of the utmost importance to win your prospects’ trust and build your credibility.

Want to learn more on creating content to market your clinic website? Get the guide to marketing essentials for clinics!

Eight key elements of a converting clinic website

1. Banner carousel or video on home page

This is the first element that strikes the eye of a visitor. In a banner carousel or video, you can highlight the most important and up-to-the-minute information, such as uncommon surgeries you perform, special offers, your most prominent specialists, or unique equipment. You can include from five to eight banners in a carousel to show the most impressive things about your clinic.

Instead of a banner carousel, you can place a video on your home page. A video can help you humanize your brand and give website visitors a better understanding of who you are and what you stand for. This, in turn, allows you to build trust and establish an emotional connection with visitors, converting them into patients and keeping them coming back.

An important thing you should consider while creating a video is that it should be catchy and straight to the point. Also, ensure your video downloads quickly even on a poor internet connection. The higher the resolution, the longer it will take to download.

You can see how Elsan, UCSF Health, and Aurora Health Care have implemented banner carousels on their websites.

2. About us page

The about us page is your opportunity to introduce your clinic. Tell about what type of clinic you are, what services you offer (i.e. what you treat), what makes you unique and special, who can benefit from your services and how, and what your core values are. People will explore this page to determine whether they can trust you.

An about us page is critical because such pages:

  • Are extremely popular with new visitors
  • Strengthen your brand image
  • Show why you are special

We recommend you include diplomas, certificates, and other credentials to showcase your expertise and foster patient trust.

Follow these tips for writing a killer about us page:

  1. Include your value proposition
  2. Show the people who work in your clinic
  3. Tell your story
  4. Share what’s happening behind the scenes
  5. Use facts, not hype
  6. Express your values
  7. Forge a connection between you and your patients
  8. Direct patients towards the next action

Another important thing you should remember is to keep your about us page updated to provide the most relevant information to new patients.

3. Service descriptions

While listing, describing, and grouping your services, keep in mind that people search for health-related information in different ways. Some people will search for diagnoses and others for treatment methods. Ensure you let patients find what they want no matter what search queries they might use.

Here are some nice examples of grouping services to make it easier for patients to find what they need.

elsan care
boston medical center

4. Meet the team page

This page is an essential part of your website, as it’s dedicated to highlighting your clinic’s most valuable asset, namely your staff. Keep in mind that this page shouldn’t be limited to listing your doctors’ names and positions.

It would be a great idea to put faces to those names and add a personal touch. That’s incredibly important for today’s patients, since they seek a personalized experience with clinics. 

5. Social proof 

Telling about yourself on your about us page is critical. However, what others say about you is even more important. 

Patient testimonials about your clinic offer social proof. They are one of the most powerful and effective ways to win people’s trust. Besides, testimonials are a decisive factor for most patients when choosing their healthcare provider.

reviews stats

Taking the above-mentioned statistics into account, the importance of posting patient testimonials is obvious. They help your clinic:

  • Increase patient trust
  • Develop your reputation
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Boost patient engagement
  • Improve care
  • Promote your clinic

There are two places people can find reviews about your clinic — on your website and on Google Maps. You can hire a web developer to integrate reviews from Google Maps into your existing website in order to keep all testimonials in one place. Or you can leave a link to Google reviews on your website.

The only problem with reviews on Google is that you can’t moderate them, unlike reviews left on your website. If there are negative testimonials, you should reply to them by choosing your words diplomatically to showcase your politeness and respect for people.

Aside from patient testimonials, you can post reviews about your clinic and staff provided by your partners, experts in your field, and media sources. All this will allow you to certify that your clinic is trustworthy.

6. Blog

A well-written blog will inform readers, inspire them, and turn them into patients. Here are the top benefits of writing a blog:

  • A blog boosts your search engine ranking

Search engines evaluate sites based on content. A blog enables you to share compelling and valuable content that’s relevant to your practice. You may write about how to prevent tooth decay, whether lowering LDL cholesterol by dietary means is helpful, or twin-twin transfusion syndrome, for instance. 

  • A blog generates free traffic

Whatever your specialty, you can create articles to bring a free targeted audience to your website. If your content is relevant, up to date, and easy to read for the average patient, you are sure to appear at the top of Google search results.

  • A blog helps you showcase your expertise

Blogging allows prospective patients to see how experienced your staff is. Writing a blog, you get an opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your field. By regularly posting on hot topics related to your specialty, you can establish your reputation as a thought leader.

  • A blog allows you to win more patients

Well-written relevant content can be a decisive factor for prospects to choose your clinic over your competitors. Besides, a blog educates patients. That means they better understand what you do and how you do it, so you’ll be able to spend less time answering specific questions and can provide healthcare services without wasting time.

7. Contact page

Let’s start with important statistics.

contact info stats

As you can see, prominent contact information is critical. If people can’t find it on your website, they’re likely to leave.

Besides, you should have a contact form for your patients to contact you when they need your help. Don’t create forms with lots of fields, as they may deter people. A contact form containing three to four fields is the best option. Ask only for information that you really need.

contact form sample

It’s also important to provide links to your social media profiles on this page.

8. Booking button

online booking option stat

This statistic clearly shows how important a booking button is on your website. When people have explored your website and decided to make an appointment with you but can’t do so immediately on your website, they’re likely to choose another healthcare provider. 

By failing to provide a booking button on your clinic website, you can simply lose patients. An opportunity to book and later reschedule or cancel an appointment directly from your website at any time and from any device makes your clinic special. Besides, online booking helps to get rid of back-and-forth communication and schedule inconsistencies.

Also, some clinic management solutions like ExpertBox offer booking pages that can be easily integrated into your existing website to attract more patients and let them book appointments on their own based on your staff’s availability without having to reach you within working hours.

5 Basic Clinic Website Features and 8 Key Elements to Increase Conversions

9 examples of a best clinic website design

Take a look at some most prominent features of a clinic website design to get inspired and ideas on how to make your patients stay longer on your website and enjoy its design and usability:

#1 Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

What’s good about it? Plain and efficient health clinic website design with transparent navigation bar that lets patients easily find the information they need.The impressive quality of the visuals and excellent user experience receive honorable mention.

#2 Duke Health

Duke Health

What’s good about it? A convenient and concise website menu with essential elements in the proper order allows patients to find what they’re looking for in a matter of clicks. 

#3 Carson Tahoe Health

Carson Tahoe Health

What’s good about it? A compelling animated video with different characters expressing natural, authentic human emotions that patients really enjoy watching grabs people’s attention from the first touch.

#4 Rush


What’s good about it? An attention-grabbing and precise CTA makes it easier for patients to do a single conversion action: click right away and schedule an appointment.

#5 Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

What’s good about it? A minimalistic health clinic website design with a perfectly organized navigation menu and the right choice of colors and fonts. There are no distraction elements, which lets patients focus on what they are looking for. 

#6 iClinic


What’s good about it? This is a great example of a virtual hospital website design with high-quality images, excellent typography — a clear heading and subheading at the beginning encourage patients to try online appointments right away.

#7 Centura

best clinic website design

What’s good about it? Video background keeps your patient’s attention glued to the first screen for the first seconds, making the visitors show more interest and eventually affecting the behavioral factors statistics.

#8 Mercy Health

best clinic websites

What’s good about it? The website provides an advanced search by doctor, or condition. It also showcases all the important information in categories, making navigation clear and easy for everyone.

#9 Rest Assured

clinic website design

What’s good about it? The website provides all the important information right from the first section. It also provides FAQs and clear explanations, addressing its target audience and highlighting the benefits for them.

Final thoughts

Now you know what clinic website features and elements are critical, but this is just a starting point. Add any other elements you feel will be beneficial for your clinic. Choose whatever works best for your patients and makes them book appointments. Just remember that to bring patients to your clinic, your website should be patient-centric and help patients find necessary information and solve their issues.

Building a brand is just one of the strategies to attract more clients to your doors. Learn about other patient acquisition strategies in our blog post on how to attract more patients to your clinic.

  • There are five most important features you have to ensure your website possesses to patient increase engagement:

    • Strong branding features
    • Clear value proposition
    • Comprehensive navigation
    • Responsiveness
    • Relevant content
  • To make your clinic website successful, ensure you have chosen the design that has these elements:

    • Banner carousel or video on home page
    • About us page
    • Service descriptions
    • Team members page
    • Social proof block
    • Blog
    • Contacts page
    • Booking functionality
  • You can update content weekly, or monthly, depending on what it takes to ensure it is evergreen and stays up-to-the-point. However, you need to ensure is that you stay consistent with updating the contents on your website.

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